Rubber Staircase Strips

JB Rubber Products manufacture rubber sheets for fabricating staircase strips /step line inserts for internal and external stairs and steps. The rubber sheet we manufacture give high slip resistant surface which increases safety for pedestrians and these anti-slip rubber sheets are available in range of colors and dimensions.

Our rubber strips are manufactured with a unique rubber composition to create high grip with high friction and hard wearing properties for a longer life span of the product. These rubber strips /Step-lines can be used in conjunction with a wide range of materials including terrazzo, concrete, marble, stone and wood.


  • Colors : White, Black, Yellow, Grey and Brown
  • Length : 1750 mm -2750 mm
  • Thickness : 4mm -8 mm


  • Long Life - ultra durable
  • No Trip Hazard - unobtrusive fitting
  • Versatile - can be used in most substrates



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